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Sound Design is an acoustic calculation program developed by and for acoustics consultants to carry out acoustics assessments for environmental noise, architectural design, building services and industrial noise.

Spreadsheet calculations can be replaced with Sound Design, which makes prediction calculations quick and transparent. The use of Sound Design assists in increasing productivity, company-wide consistency, and quality assurance through efficient data handling, an innovative calculation method and automated schedule creation.

Sound Design organises all client data within a project file. Data in entered into one place and any changes are immediately reflected in the rest of the calculations. Changes may be logged as revisions and a full history of all data revisions is kept and can be reviewed at any time.

The program is centred around The Canvas, a powerful tool for building quick, dynamic, traceable and robust assessments. The canvas allows a calculation chain to be built graphically, with each part represented by a module and modules linked together to form the calculation chain.

A 30-day trial of the program can be downloaded here: Download Sound Design.

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