Resonate provides a full range of building acoustic services as outlined below.

Services include:

  • Sound insulation testing
  • Acoustic privacy or security and noise isolation
  • Auralisation
  • Internal environment to control reverberant noise and aid in speech intelligibility
  • Noise control from building services—internal and environmental noise
  • Building regulations compliance for residential buildings
  • Green Star assessment for credit criteria relating to acoustics
  • Audio-visual
  • Construction phase

The Resonate team has worked on many high profile building projects and aided in the design of:

  • Specialist acoustic spaces; including theatres, television and movie studios, recording studios
  • Multi-storey and mixed use residential buildings
  • Schools; including music spaces, gymnasium and indoor sports centres, classrooms, hearing impaired learning area
  • Healthcare
  • Office and commercial spaces
Photo taken by Sean Mullarkey