ServicesEnvironment and Planning

Resonate assists with Development Plan applications to ensure proposed development complies with any noise provisions in the relevant Development Plan and/or the relevant state noise policies.

Resonate undertakes assessments for a range of developments across a number of market sectors, including:

  • Mining
  • Power stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential or mixed use development
  • Commercial developments
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Music venues
  • Churches
  • Industry
  • Underwater noise

Resonate also undertakes general noise compliance testing, which may involve:

  • Measurement of existing noise sources to determine compliance with relevant environmental noise criteria
  • Prediction of environmental noise emissions
  • Industrial noise and vibration

The team has extensive experience and can assist local and state government with:

  • Development or amendment of planning documents and guidelines to better regulate environmental noise
  • Development or amendment of policies relating to noise—over areas including residential, transportation, planning, environmental noise and similar
  • Peer reviews of development application acoustic assessments
  • Review of new policies relating to noise
  • Community consultation

Resonate are also able to provide expert witness testimony in court.

Photo taken by Sean Mullarkey